I Finally Moved out on My Own

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to become more independent. I had been living at home with my folks ever since I graduated college two years ago. It was nice because I was able to pay down my student loans a good bit, but I still knew that it was time to cut the apron strings. My parents completely understood, and they even helped me find the apartment that I live in now. My dad had done a search for Antioch TN apartments because he wanted to make sure that where ever I lived was safe for his baby girl.

I am actually glad he did this, because my dad has great taste. He found me the perfect apartment that is only about 20 minutes from where he and Mom live, and it is a really nice place too! I was not sure I would be able to afford it, but he made sure of the rates before he showed me. He knew what was in my budget, and this place was too incredible to believe, but it was soon to be my new home. The neighborhood that it is in is very safe, which is the first thing my dad made sure of.

It is also filled with all kinds of amenities. I thought that I would have to buy my kitchen appliances, but they are all included. It also includes a washer and dryer, and that is probably what I am most grateful for. I had to use a community laundry room when I was in college, and I absolutely hated it. I was not looking forward to using one for my new apartment, and thankfully I won’t have to. Everything is just so nice here at Hickory Trace, and I am glad I can check one more resolution off of my list!

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