A Catalogue for My Jewelry Pieces

I am a jewelry designer. I create all of my own pieces, and I have been very busy with orders. I decided that I was going to look into a company that does catalogue printing in Brisbane to see if it was feasible to have one created for me that has my most popular pieces in it. I usually just show pictures of my different pieces to people who are interested, and I figured there had to be a better way. There are about 30 different signature pieces that I do, and I knew that it would be easier to show them to prospective clients if they were organized better.

I looked online at different printers in the area, and I was quite happy to find one whose work I liked a lot. Being an artist, I have been told I am too critical of some things, including print material. I cannot help it though, and I want what I want. Knowing that this company would give me exactly that, I went there in person to talk with them. Even though I liked what I saw, I still wanted to make sure that we were on the same page.

There is a lot of detail in my jewelry pieces, so I wanted to make sure that this would not be lost in the transition from photos to catalogue. I did not have to worry though, because the printers are professionals who take every precaution to ensure they are putting out the best print media they can. I was very satisfied with the first catalogue they did for me, and I am going to have them do a Christmas edition for me soon. Sales are up, so it is keeping me pretty busy, but I am very happy with that as I don't like to be idle at all!

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A Headhunter Was the Answer to My Problems

I knew that I had to fill a position in my company quickly, but I was not having any luck. I had run an ad in the city paper, and I honestly thought that would be enough. The city has a college and major businesses in it, so I thought it would be easy to find what I needed, but it was proving to be much harder than that. A colleague of mine suggested that I look into tech headhunters, and he even told me which one his own company uses. That surprised me that they did not get locals, but then I considered my own search for one and understood that I had to think outside of the box.

Before contacting the headhunters he told me about, I wanted to learn more about them first. I was not about to entrust this with a company that was just a recommendation without knowing more about them. As I looked at their website, I became impressed with what they do. They only use recruiters who have been in the industry for a long period of time, which means I am not getting someone just out of college or with one year of experience trying to fill a position that they know next to nothing about.

Their site states that their recruiters have over a dozen years experience on average in the field, which really helped me a lot. I also like that they get back to their clients so quickly. This is important because things in this type of business can change at the flip of a coin, and I wanted to have access to the people who were going to help my company find the right tech executive. This ended up working out quite well for me, and I had the position filled in less than three weeks!

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